by Poor Majesty

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released March 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Poor Majesty Sacramento, California

Poor Majesty is an American rapper, producer and song writer from Sacramento, California. Poor is best known as a founding member of the award-winning hip hop trio Tribe of Levi.

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Track Name: The bad in him
The Bad in Him
She fell in love with a loser, boozer women abuser.
Who bruised her, and introduced her to shit she wasn’t use to.
First she started out as his booster, while he promised a future.
“Get this cake up, we’ll cop a computer.”
So he juiced her whole head up.
Knowing it was a set up.
Soon as she got the shit, she’s on the web with her legs up.
In some fishnet get ups, high heels ready to fuck for the right buck, and pressing her luck.
But in her gut she could tell it was wrong, but still played along.
Until she got this call from a john, His name is Ron.
“I’m calling for a date, my name’s Ron I work for the state.
I know it’s kind of late, but your photo was great.”
They both skate to his shitty apartment with the stains on the carpet.
Her man’s in the car with it started.
He puts a cig to his lips, and then sparks it.
Meanwhile she is stuck between a rock and a hard dick.
She couldn’t see the bad in him.
So he introduces her….To the game. (X2)
She doesn’t know what to do so she stands there retarded.
So Ron pulls the plastic prophylactic from pocket.
Licking his lips while he’s rubbing his rocket.
She starts to get nervous, and tells Ron to stop it.
So Ron gets aggressive, and starts acting obnoxious, like we doing this or what?
Or did I come here for nonsense?
Grabbed her by the shoulders leaned over to kiss her.
She bumps into this dresser, and knocks over a picture.
She starts to say no, so Ron starts to diss her, like you little bitch you think that anybody will miss ya?
Threw her on the bed, split her legs like a swisher, and inserted himself like celee, and mister.
A single tear rolled from her cheeks, and hit the sheets.
Her heart and soul no longer complete a yo peep.
Ron’s hands around her throat make it harder to breathe and she’s thinking about is trying to leave.
(But can’t do it though)
(Chorus) X2
Cigarettes’ done, and times up.
So he shoots his girly a page, and not knowing she’s involved in a rage.
A real drama epic saga you can’t see on a stage, and walked up the steps right as her light had just fades.
And knocked on apartment three.
“Hey man you want some more time, then you talk to me, and pay the fee!”
Walked in shocked to see his girly deceased.
One hand on his mouth. One on his knees.
He called her name out before he called the police, and held her in his arms as if she had just falling asleep.
The tears rolled all on his sleeve, but he aint ready leave, and sits there as if it’s part of a dream.
At fifteen days, and confused and not heeding the clues.
Living life to fast can lead to blues.
This ended one life and it can happen to you.
You ask me how I know one night I saw it all in the news.
Written by POOR